Lyrics & Chords: Bertha Come Back

by Jim Pembroke. Album: Corporal Cauliflowers Mental Function (1977)
Intro/Ch. 	| C# A/C# | % | E Bm/F# | % |
	  	| C# A/C# | % | E Bm/F# | E Bm/F# E/G# | D/A ||

Verse/G. solo 	| Bm | % | F7 | % | Am | % | F#/E | % |
		| A/E | % | Gm6/E | % | Am/E | % | B/A | % ||

Bridge		| C#m D E | E | Bm *g# a | b d |
		| C#m D E | E | Bm *g# a | b c |
		||:F Eb/F | Fm7 | C | Gm/D :||

*Not chords, played as ensemble notes

Intro - Verse x 2 - Ch. - Bridge - G. solo - Ch.

Silly Bertha in the sand assembling jumbles
Spade in hand, chandeliers in dozy haze
Indeed, but not like in two flat twelfth nights
Refreshments within drinking range,
Glasses clink like pocket-change
Hazey guesswork the current craze
Indeed but not like in size five hockey boots

Tarnished top - brass in rusty phase
Come to pass too much to last
Sacred cobblers in self-service blaze
Indeed but not wearing custom-built extinguishers
Retired colonels, money suspenders
Chinese lanterns over chestnut vendors
Former firemen in auxiliary greys
Oh yeah but don't give two or three owl hoots

    Bertha come back Bertha come back
    I can't find my feet and by braces are slack
    Bertha come back Bertha come back
    My chairs are all gone but I don't want them back
    No more

    Uh uh uh come back
    Uh uh uh come back

Past chasms of crossed - words in imaginary buckets, 
In coded italics fixation with clue
Through chambers of comics
And series of operas in aerial cupboards
and saucers too

    Bertha Come Back Bertha Come Back (4x)
    Don't want them back
    No more

Chord transcription by Jenni Riihelä